This is a doodle in boring night. Turn out pretty inspiring me XD [b]READ FROM RIGHT TO LEFT[/b] Explanation : -Omawari-san is friendly term for police officer. -Kumichou is Boss Yakuza. -Waka-sama is Young Master. The waka-sama (i dun have name for him right now) wandering around red district after he was told by his mother to become the sixth. He got angry because he didn;t want to become Boss Yakuza, he still want to study and go to Todai (which is imposible for his lame brain) and then study abroad. He change his way of life after a brave meeting with a cold police officer who save his life when he beaten unconscious. That Omawari-san said this, "You have a strong body, it shame that you use it for useless thing. Useless is trash and trash should be throw into the garbage. Is that what you think when you fight? being a trash?" (and then this is useless summary lolol. I just want to draw Yakuza... being jealous XD)


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